In collaboration with Pepperstone, MONARC curated an exclusive event, the Innovation Lounge, to mark the culmination of 2023. Hosted in the iconic Australia Square's 47th-floor circular room, the event unfolded under the thematic concept of "Blue Horizon," symboliing exploration within the financial industry and immersing guests in an atmosphere of sophistication and forward-thinking.

The meticulously crafted occasion seamlessly blended finance, luxury, and festive vibes. Strategic spatial and lighting arrangements, aligned with Pepperstone's branding, bathed OBAR in a captivating blue aesthetic. Thoughtfully designed seating layouts fostered collaboration, providing flexibility for networking and discussions among esteemed guests.

Art played a pivotal role in enhancing the ambiance, with carefully selected consigned artworks sparking conversations and infusing a refined artistic touch into the Innovation Lounge. Attendees found themselves immersed in an environment that seamlessly united finance, luxury, and the holiday spirit. MONARC's comprehensive event management ensured flawless execution, overseeing the program's flow and ensuring an exceptional guest experience at every juncture. The availability of exclusive Pepperstone merchandise served as both takeaways and decor elements, reinforcing Pepperstone's brand identity.

The Innovation Lounge by MONARC and Pepperstone redefined industry events, amalgamating elegance, engagement, and innovation into an unforgettable evening that etched an indelible mark in the minds of all attendees. The integration of art, themed entertainment, exquisite culinary experiences, and meticulous event curation set an exemplary standard for future collaborations.